Jailbroken ps3s from

Bobby Downgrades.

The worlds most established seller.


I have been repairing and selling ps3s for about 9 years,

I have been selling Jailbroken ps3s for about 6 years.

No other seller can compete with the overall packages and quality that I offer.

Here are some unique things about me that other sellers do not do even though they should:

All ps3s come with a 1 year warranty,

I replace the thermal paste under the IHS plates not just the normal paste which means my ps3s are properly reconditioned,

Ps3s come professionally boxed with brand new boxes, no crappy looking old crisp boxes,

If you order before 9am you get the ps3 the next day

Where as most sellers give you only a choice of one mod menu per game the mod manager apps you get from me allow you to have multiple mod menus all at the click of a button.

If your ps3 breaks within it's warranty time I fix it or replace it free of charge.

Price list



Firstly, DO NOT buy from someone you don't know or trust,

you can see lots of feedback on my facebook profile (Bobby Downgrades).

Just choose which size/model ps3 you want,

Then pick which games you want,

If you want a fat model pick a colour for the led lights,

If you want a slim model choose whether to have led lights or not,

Then just email me or message me on facebook and I will process your order.

(Please note it is recommended that everyone pay as goods and services to qualify for money back via paypal to feel safer).


Fat model 80gb 
Console, power cable and controller.

Fats come with one game from the list below and mods for that game.

Free postage/shipping.

£115 - UK

£125 - IRELAND

170 - EUROPE

Slim model 120gb

Console, power cable and controller.

Slim 120 gb can have 4 games from the list below and mods for those games. 

£145 - UK

£155 - IRELAND

$240 - USA

Slim model 250gb

Console, power cable and controller.

Slim 250gb can have 6 games from the list below and mods for those games.

£155 - UK

£165 - IRELAND

220 - EUROPE

$250 - USA

Slim model 320gb

Console, power cable and controller.

Slim 320gb can have all the games from the list below and mods for those games.

£165 - UK

£175 - IRELAND

$260 - USA

For prices to other countries email support (email address at bottom of page)

Gta5, waw, mw1, bo1, bo2, bo3, mw2, mw3, aw, ghosts, FIFA 17, minecraft

*Fifa, waw, minecraft, bo3 and mw1 have no mods.

Other games are available, just ask me for a game and I'll tell you if I have it.

Mw2- resurrection
Mw2- snow engine
Mw3- crystalized
Mw3- snow engine 
Bo1- undercover v2
Bo1- red devil
Bo1- asp engine
Bo2- jericho engine
Bo2- perplexed
Bo2- paradise
Bo2- NvZ gsc loader 30 menus 
Ghosts- Frost engine
Ghosts- Sapphire
AW- Host menu (can't remember the name)
Aw- non host mods in antiban eboot

You will also get lifetime access to the all call of duty non host menu The Dragons Breath on it's release.

Release date estimated 1st February 2017. (You get a version for every call of duty game)

You must ask for your name to be added to the Dragons Breath  mailing list.

If you want a mod menu that's not on the list just ask me.

GTA 5- 
The Phoenix, 






Wilde mods, 



*If you want a custom design just ask me, I'm open to ideas.

*All mods would be on the PS3 inside mod manager packages/apps.

*All mod menus come with antiban eboot where applicable.

*non-host mods in eboot are: red boxes, advanced uav, wall hack, steady aim, no recoil.

*Jb ps3s will come with either printed or digital txt documents with info on how to use the PS3 and mods.

*fat models come with led lights underneath at the front and also have a switch on the side of the PS3 to turn them on/off.


*Colours for LED strip lights: Red, Blue, Purple, White, Yellow, Green.

*The prices are not for the design with the controller style led lights (only the strip at the front design), those consoles cost more.

*slims can have led lights for £10 extra.

*All consoles have a one year warranty.

Support and Inquiry Email:  ps3ukdowngrades@gmail.com