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​          CFW compatible ps3 models



           SLIMS -CECH-2000 series

           FATS - CECH-A to G Nand

                        CECH-H to P Nor

The number one place for downgrade services and information about PS3 cfw

News and Updates

As many of you know it has been getting harder over the years to use cfw online and avoid a ban, there are many dedicated devs and a large community of modders.


There are new tools everyday and menus by the dozens if not hundreds.

Here you can find out which tools are good to ues, which menus are safe to use and which packages work better with which firmwares.

We hope to grow this site into a small community of dedicated modders and cfw users along with other sites who have the same goals.

All feedback is greatly appreciated and if we keep each other informed we all benefit.


We have has been in and around ps3s since their release and have years of experience in cfw and repairs. Our team have been trained and have worked together to bring you the best in service and information.


For downgrades please check out our PS3s and prices section, the downgrades section is in the dropdown tab.


Anyone can browse the site and make the most of the information however only registered members will have access to the downloads section which will contain pretty much everything you would need to stay safe and have fun with cfw.


We hope to grow and keep cfw alive,

If your not on CFW just Keep Calm and Downgrade.


                        March, 2016


BOBBY DOWNGRADES 4.78 CFW v4 cobra edition has been released.



Irisman has been updated to work with 4.76 cfw.!2op1DZJA!PxUfaq22ApmOMqIAoIJ7Ah4A9AfevHYQjalyKM4utJ0



Multiman 4.76 has been released (also still works with 4.78 for playing games), as usual great work from Dean K, someone who we owe a lot to.!HpIGRLYC!GbjfXYw56vga6Cq2SDTBnJGb47eAnrE76UINju2hpk



Rebug Team have released the latest CEX/DEX cfw in the form of 4.75.1,as always thanks to rebug for their work on DEX cfw.

Link to rex edition.!D8RxQYib!sb6QWNB992_PYQh89YhF4W7WV96tHAB2XO1zLwrGJI



Ccapi has been updated to rev7 to work with all cfw, thanks to enstone and the rest of the FMT for their contrubutions.




Shout out to Tortuga Cove (the home of rogero), servers shut down some time ago and they will be sadly missed, any one who knows of tortuga cove will know they were pioneers, anyone who has never heard of them just know that they were one of the best forums ever for cfw info and releases.







             Contact us                                                                                                        About us


 Telephone: 07814109988                                                                 We are a 3 man operation based in

                                                                                                           Birmingham city centre, we do all ps3 repairs

 Email:                                              and have a strict no fix no fee policy.

                                                                                                           Our repairs are normally same day however 

 50 Northwood Street                                                                         due to high demand we generaly aim for 24 

 Birmingham                                                                                       hours. We have years of experience and our 

 B3 1TE                                                                                              general motto is If we can't fix it no one can.





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