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Games on external hard drive from

Bobby Downgrades.

The worlds most established seller.

                                How to buy

You can email me at or contact me on facebook...  Bobby Downgrades

Prices with free shipping/postage..


Standard 40gb bundle £30

Standard 60gb bundle £35


Standard 40gb bundle $55

Standard 60gb bundle $60


Standard 40gb bundle $70

Standard 60gb bundle $75


Standard 40gb bundle €50

Standard 60gb bundle €55


Please ask

                   What are the bundles ?

The standard package includes these games:

Call of duty World at War

Call of duty Modern Warfare

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of duty Black Ops 

Call of duty Black Ops 2

Call of duty Black Ops 3

Call of duty Ghosts

Call of duty Advanced Warfare

Gta 5

Fifa 17


All bundles come with instructions on how to use the external drives and a full explanation of options.

Other games and packages can be made, to discuss this just contact me and we can work something out.

40gb bundle includes:

4 x 40gb hard drives

1 usb to sata cable

60gb bundle includes:

3 x 60gb hard drives

1 usb to sata cable

What is it ?

Basically the games will be on the hard drives,

you plug the hard drive into the ps3s usb port using the adaptor and turn the ps3 on,

then simply load the game the same way you would if the game was on your internal hard drive.

This is great if you have a small hard drive or just want to keep the space free so the ps3 doesn't lag from a full hard drive.

The packages offered are 40 and 60 gb hard drives with games on them,

each hard drive will be labelled with the games it has on it.

If you would like to buy bigger all in ones like say 500gb or 1tb then feel free to mesage me and ask about it.

There are pictures below that show the hard drives and the usb adaptor.

40gb bundle

60gb bundle

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