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A major cause of PS3 problems is heat, while the PS3 is a well designed console there are still problems.

Things like dust can cause overheating and if you combine that with confined space it's a recipe for disaster.

There are 3 main problems caused by overheating in the form of YLOD, RLOD and GLOD, all 3 will cause the PS3 to stop working the way it should.

If your a CFW user or just a keen gamer the last thing you want is your console not working because that means no gaming.

We repair all motherboard problems and also offer a cleaning service for those not comfortable opening up their console, after all you don't want to cause damage.

We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in PS3 repair.

Give us a call on 07814 109988 if you have a problem with your PS3, we can talk you through your options and find the fastest and most logical option for you. Don't just throw your PS3 out and look for a new one if the one you have can be as good as new.

Probably the most annoying problem with a PS3 is when it won't read discs.

There's nothing worse than turning your PS3 on and you can't play a game because the disc drive is broken or it simply doesn't read the disc.

CFW users are not affected by this in the same way thanks to no BD cfw but if you don't have that luxury give us a call and we can help you out.

Our turnover time for blue ray replacement is usually between 1-3 hours but we gaurentee to have it working within 24 hours.


We offer a collection service at no extra charge for those who find it hard to travel. (Birmingham customers only)


We also have a large stock of replacement parts which gaurentees that we can not only fix your problem but also do it quickly which gets you back to gaming.

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