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Ps3 cids from

Bobby Downgrades.

The worlds most established seller.

                                What is a cid ?

The ps3 has 3 forms of identification an idps, psid and mac address,

CID stands for console id, it is the ps3s idps.

Ths idps is used for access to sonys online network along with your allocated ticket that is attached to your consoles idps.

The psid is used for save data and psn store purchases.

The mac address is used in the same way as with all technology that accesses the internet, it's another id.

Technically you can just change your consoles idps to get back online on a banned console but I always recommend changing all 3 as it is safer and more practical.

(This can be done easily by using my new console id manager app, available on the overflow page at

                     How to buy a cid

You can email me at

or contact me on facebook...  Bobby Downgrades



£15 paypal or bank transfer or £20 uk psn code


$20 paypal


$25 paypal


€17 paypal


Please ask

Please note that prices change due to conversion rates so for an exact price just contact me.

                          A bit of background


A few years ago a friend of mine at the time was having trouble extracting cids from some broken ps3s he had,

while I used a progskeet he didn't have one so I decided to spend some time figuring out how to use an e3 flasher to get cids from dead/broken motherboards,

after a couple day of testing and figuring it out I had the procedure.

Some time later I decided to make a video and tutorial to show other people how to do it, the hope was that if I shared this with other people then more people could start doing it and as a ps3 community we would have more legit cids and not end up like the xbox noobs.

CIDs should come from a broken or dead motherboard,

it is the safest way that you can know the cid is private, 

I extract them myself then I know for certain where they came from and who has access to it.

Pay cheap, get cheap, people who sell cids for less than £15 uk or $20 usd normally don't extract them themselves so cannot know for certain that they are private.

Click here to see my video on how cids are extracted from a motherboard with an e3 flasher.

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