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You can purchase our Downgrade service from our online store.

We offer both Nor and Nand downgrades.

Most people think downgrading is just opening up the ps3 and attaching an E3 flasher.

The principle is correct but it's only when you go through the process yourself that you realise that there is a lot more to it.


For nor consoles the E3 flasher has become the most popular hardware flasher, where as nand consoles are a lot more teadious in the process and would require the use of a Teensy ++ or a Progskeet.


We have 5+ years of experience in downgrading consoles. 

We pride ourselves on our ability and knowledge and it's not only our professional and fast service that brings repeat customers it's also the friendly manor and our after care support.


We offer 3 types of downgrading service:

1You ship your console to us.

2. We come to you.

3. You come to us.


Why not give us a call if your unsure about the best option for you.


Our turn around time is 2-4 hours for home visit.

Same day for drop off to us.

If you ship your console to us we will have it shipped back off to you within 24 hours.

You normally receive you ps3 back between 4-7 days after you ship it to us.


Unfortunately we only offer the downgarde service to UK residents. The shipping cost to and from the UK is around the same as the downgrade price but if you are willing to pay the shipping both ways then we are happy to help.



Give our head Downgrader Bobby a call if you have any questions or to find out what's best for you on 07814 109988  or Email:

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